Client Spotlight: Meet Nathan

Client Spotlight: Meet Nathan “I was looking for a place that would help him utilize his gifts and promote growth in verbal communication along with his musical expressions. I was looking for a place to help him learn to understand his emotions and be able [...]

Client Spotlight: Meet Nathan2020-10-22T16:29:00-04:00

Client Spotlight: Meet Alex

Client Spotlight: Meet Alex No one laughed harder than Alex. I’m talking, throw your head back, a grin as wide as your face, eyes closed, shaking laughter. It could be set off by anything--the way an instrument looked or sounded, when he gleefully and continuously [...]

Client Spotlight: Meet Alex2020-10-22T16:28:09-04:00

Seasonal Favorites: Halloween (Early Childhood Edition)

Seasonal Favorites: Halloween (Early Childhood Edition) Halloween cookies, carving pumpkins, costumes, and face paint - there are many reasons to love the Halloween season - especially when you have a little one to enjoy it with! October is definitely a favorite season around Harmony Garden [...]

Seasonal Favorites: Halloween (Early Childhood Edition)2020-10-22T16:27:19-04:00

Music and Your Child

Music and Your Child Music Before Childbirth Your baby can hear in-utero as early as 18 weeks. Sounds and words are muffled, but melodies can be clear. Before the big day, personalized songs and lullabies can be recorded and put into a playlist. These songs [...]

Music and Your Child2020-07-27T10:34:56-04:00

Music and Bonding

Music and Bonding Did you know?  Music helps build relationships between a child and their caregivers -- all their caregivers: mothers, fathers, grandparents, foster parents, nannies, etc.!  While studies have shown that babies can hear and bond with their mother’s voice in the womb and [...]

Music and Bonding2020-07-27T10:34:24-04:00

Music and Autism

Music and Autism For individuals with diagnoses on the autism spectrum, music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in behavior and facilitate development of skills. Music therapy may include the use of behavioral, [...]

Music and Autism2020-07-27T10:33:49-04:00

Favorite Songs: Hymns

Favorite Songs: Hymns While my hospice patients love their fair share of Rock-n-Roll, R&B, Soul, Country, Jazz, Oldies, Broadway, and Pop (yes, even current pop), I can’t deny that many of my patients loooove a good ol’ gospel hymn.  Here’s a list of well-loved hospice [...]

Favorite Songs: Hymns2020-07-27T10:32:38-04:00

Make More Music

Make More Music Music therapy is a researched, evidence-based clinical profession provided by clinicians who have completed a four year music therapy specific degree, clinical practica, a clinical internship under direct supervision, and have passed a national board certification examination.  But music therapists don’t own [...]

Make More Music2020-07-27T10:32:00-04:00

Music Therapy and Hospice

Music Therapy and Hospice Did you know that music lasts longer than almost any other memories? That’s because music utilizes the entire brain to process, so even as we age and in dementia and Alzheimer’s, music can still be accessed in certain parts of our [...]

Music Therapy and Hospice2020-07-27T10:31:00-04:00
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