Music and Your Child

Music Before Childbirth

Your baby can hear in-utero as early as 18 weeks. Sounds and words are muffled, but melodies can be clear. Before the big day, personalized songs and lullabies can be recorded and put into a playlist. These songs may include recordings of each family member’s heartbeats (including your baby’s), family members singing and/or reading, and an instrumental background provided by a board-certified music therapist.

Music During Childbirth

Music is known to decrease pain and increase relaxation. Individualized playlists can be made by yourself or with the guidance of a music therapist during a series of sessions. Music therapy assisted childbirth can train your body to relax on the big day. Live music is also extremely effective at reducing pain and increasing relaxation.

Music for Infants

Use music to help relax and calm your baby. Music research shows that slow and repetitive songs are best for promoting relaxation for infants. A musical environment also promotes bonding as your child explores a variety of instruments and plays along with mom and dad.

Music for Toddlers

Music Provides an environment for your child to play and learn in. Through music, your child can reach milestones and gain motor, social, and emotional skills in a fun and engaging way. Turn-taking, sharing, language, and many other skills are developed through music immersion. Music listening is also a great way for toddlers to relax.

Music for Children

As your child grows, his or her musical environment will grow as well. Children will continue enjoying music and learning through song, play, and dance. Music provides an interactive environment for children to socialize with peers as well as practice academic skills, to have fun, and to be themselves.

Music at Home

Create a musical environment by sharing your favorite music with your child. Make instruments out of everyday items such as creating a kitchen band. Encourage musical play by having a variety of instruments available for exploration (ex: keyboard, shakers, drums, kazoos). Click here for tutorials on how to make your own fun instruments at home!

Music in the Community

Find family-friendly community events and concerts. Check children’s programming at libraries, parks, or with playgroups. Find children’s music classes or community music groups to give your child the foundation for a lifetime love of music! See our website for our complete list of early childhood music therapy classes!