Music and Bonding

Did you know? 

Music helps build relationships between a child and their caregivers — all their caregivers: mothers, fathers, grandparents, foster parents, nannies, etc.! 

While studies have shown that babies can hear and bond with their mother’s voice in the womb and recognize it almost immediately after birth, recent studies have shown that musical bonding with other caregivers (fathers, grandparents, etc.) is just as crucial during early childhood and helps children build the skills they need to develop secure relationships later on in life. 

Why music? Isn’t talking enough? 

Babies already have the auditory perception to know the difference between singing and speaking, and they actually prefer the singing! Long before infants speak, music is their language. Think of how babies communicate: their cry, their coos, even their babbling are recognizable in relation to their needs.

Bonding in Music Therapy

Music therapists are trained to use the different elements of music (melody, harmony, meter, volume, etc.) to maximize the potential opportunities for children and their caregivers to connect, bond, and develop secure attachments. Music therapy groups can also provide additional support and resources for caregivers as they learn new songs and new ways to use music to interact with their child at home.

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