Seasonal Favorites: Halloween (Early Childhood Edition)

Halloween cookies, carving pumpkins, costumes, and face paint – there are many reasons to love the Halloween season – especially when you have a little one to enjoy it with! October is definitely a favorite season around Harmony Garden mainly because Halloween has some of the most fun early childhood songs: songs that are filled with dancing monsters, flying ghosts, little bats, and more. We know that with COVID-19 still going on you may be missing your normal Halloween sprouts songs, so we wanted to make sure you still got to sing them along with us. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween songs:

  • October finally brought the rainy weather to Jackson, and so it is the perfect time to get out those rain boots and dance along with us to Laurie Berkner’s BOOTS!
  • With all the leaves falling, this is the perfect song to bring outdoors! Grab a bag, a blanket, or something to collect leaves with and sing this song with your child.
  • Looking for a fun song that your child can watch independently? Look no further than this fun Halloween song that includes quick transitions, fun Halloween props, and interactive prompts that is sure to be fun for your little one!
  • Here’s a great (not spooky) ghost song! For this song you’ll need a tissue, a scarf, or anything that you can use to turn into a ghost.