Fun Times in Friday Day Program

Fun Times in Friday Day Program Our Friday Day Program has been having a blast this summer reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. We've enjoyed playing instruments and singing together, making crafts, playing games, and doing a whole lot of dancing!! [...]

Fun Times in Friday Day Program2021-08-30T13:03:06-04:00

The Music Never Left

The Music Never Left Hey everyone, it’s Kara Lewis. I have had the pleasure of leading Day Program for almost two years now – and in two years I have learned so much from each of the participants, especially during this quarantine. When we [...]

The Music Never Left2021-08-30T13:02:40-04:00

Camel Ride

Camel Ride I know, I know - it’s the middle of winter, but our Day Program brought the warmth of the Middle East to our session this week and wow did they impress us! If you listen to the video in this blog post, [...]

Camel Ride2021-08-30T13:03:16-04:00
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