Harmony Garden is Thankful for Your Support in 2020

2020 took the whole world by surprise and it sure has been a year. Harmony Garden has seen many changes during the past year full of layoffs, re-hires, hires, resignations, and more. The one thing that has stayed the same though? Our clients, our families, and our contracts’ support. There are not enough words to describe the gratefulness we have for all of our families standing by us and continuing to support this small business. No matter how busy things got for Kara and Jaime, it was our clients that made everything worth it: the progress we see in each and every one of them, the therapeutic relationships we are forging, and the smiles on our families’ faces when we log into telehealth sessions.

So to reminisce on the great times we’ve had this year, here is a list of some of our best memories:

  1. Sprouts Livestreams – When the world was at a standstill and we were all stuck indoors, did you know that Harmony Garden was among some of the first to move to telehealth? Kara and Jaime spent hours researching the best platforms to use, how to do music online, and so much more in order to make sure we could continue providing services for our families – and oh boy, did we love (and get teary-eyed) every time we saw all your faces on that screen.
  2. Make Your Own Instruments LIVE with Jaime and her kiddos – Who can forget the incredible instrument DIY livestreams with Jaime and her kids? These were so much fun for everyone to watch and allowed all our friends and families at home to follow along and make instruments safely right at home! There were many laughs, smiles, and lots of creativity each week during this fun series.
  3. Outdoor music at the park with Kara and Jaime – This was probably hands down one of the best ideas we had all 2020. Who doesn’t love going and sitting outside in the fresh air and listening to great early childhood music? Outdoor music was the perfect socially distanced event for Harmony Garden.
  4. Jackson Magazine highlighted us! – Did you read the article that Jackson Magazine published about Harmony Garden? They selected small businesses in the Jackson Area and shined a spotlight on each of them. It’s always important to support small, locally owned businesses, but even more so during unsure times.
  5. A new office and new murals and new colors – we started the year in a new office and because of the pandemic spent most of 2020 continually adding to the space to make it feel more like home. After crunching numbers, measuring with measuring tapes, hanging giant metal boards, and more, Harmony Garden is finally starting to look and feel like home.
  6. The Harmony Garden STORE officially opened – This was a project that Jaime has been working on for quite a while and she, Kara, and Danielle are so excited to finally bring you an easy way to purchase all the great early childhood instruments we personally use in sessions and lots of other fun, cool instruments that adults will love as well! Click here to check out the online store if you haven’t already – you won’t be disappointed.
  7. Jaime went onto the Bart Hawley Show and talked about our online Christmas Caroling – With social distancing still an important thing in our lives, Harmony Garden decided to throw an online Christmas Carol for all of our families. Click here if you want to watch the Christmas Caroling video (it’s never too late to sing some Christmas songs – Christmas in July anyone?) and click here if you want to watch Jaime talk to Bart Hawley and give an update on everything Harmony Garden has been up to!
  8. AND THE NUMBER ONE GREATEST THING THAT CAME FROM THIS YEAR…….IS YOU! Harmony Garden is so thankful for all of our families that have stuck through this pandemic with us: through telehealth or in-person. Making music with all of you is the greatest privilege, because in a year of uncertainty, one thing we could provide was the certainty of making music with friends. As we head into the new year, we have plenty more music planned and many more smiles to be had so make sure you keep a look out for all of our new music opportunities!