Hey everyone, its Jaime here. The owner of Harmony Garden!

In June, Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services celebrated FIFTEEN YEARS of business in Jackson, MI! We were able to celebrate with a concert at the park on June 15th – 15 years on the 15th! So many families attended our concert, full of music performances by our current and some former staff at Harmony Garden! It was the PERFECT way to celebrate, especially after the last “socially distanced” year.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am with Harmony Garden!

Thank you to my husband and children. You are always supportive and encouraging me when it comes to anything music. It’s been a huge joy to watch our children grow through music in the same way that Harmony Garden’s families and clients do, participating in our classes and groups since they were born.

Thank you to my parents (all four of you)! You taught me to follow my big dreams and how to pace myself when I put too much on my plate. Without my family, I have no idea where I would be or how I would accomplish the things that we do here!

Thank you to my staff. To Kara, Erin, Bekah – you ladies have kept me going the last year and are pushing us into the future! Thank you to all the former staff at Harmony Garden. To Macayla, Shelby, Masina, Hannah, Jennifer, Marissa, and Ian. Each one of you are a part of our story and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

Thank you to Vic and Zoe. We have been performing together, working camps together, or doing Harmony Garden renovations together for almost the entire 15 years Harmony Garden has been around. You both follow me into all my musical endeavors with dedication and commitment. I love how much you love Harmony Garden.

Thank you to the families who trust us with your loved ones! Our individual music therapy clients, our group music therapy clients and our Sprouts families – you keep us going! Thank you to our contract facilities and to anyone who has donated to Harmony Garden over the years. Our company may be small, but our impact on this community has been large! Working with businesses in Jackson, my hometown, makes me proud to call this place home.


Thank you for FIFTEEN years!