Developmental Music Activities

So maybe you’re sold on music for your child’s development, but you don’t know where to start. 

That’s ok! 

Below you will find a list of appropriate ways to use music with your child at all different ages and stages of development. When you’re browsing this list, remember that each child is unique and grows and learns at different paces. Don’t worry if your child is “behind” or “ahead” of the milestone examples provided on this list, especially if your child was born prematurely.

If your child was born prematurely, subtract the number of weeks at which they were born from 40 weeks (term gestation). Take this amount of weeks and subtract it from each of the milestones. 

(For example, if your child was born at 23 weeks, subtract 17 weeks from each milestone. A 6 month old premature baby may be appropriately working on 2-3 month old milestones.)

And that’s ok! 

Also keep in mind that the suggested songs are not limited to one developmental stage. Sing, sing, sing! (And know that repetition is your and your child’s friend!) 

We hope this list gives you some ideas of how to help support your child’s development through music at home! Feel free to bookmark this page so you can reference this page often as your child grows! 


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