Seasonal Favorites: Patriotic

Seasonal Favorites: Patriotic  Happy fourth of July to all our families! Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, you name it…here are our favorite Patriotic songs and interventions to use with our groups.  Some of everyone’s favorite patriotic songs are the ones that [...]

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Soundtrack of Your Life

Soundtrack of Your Life A song comes on the radio as you’re driving to the grocery store and your heart skips a beat. A lump forms in your throat and your eyes get hot. Instantly, you are taken back to a childhood memory with a [...]

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The Music Never Left

The Music Never Left Hey everyone, it’s Kara Lewis. I have had the pleasure of leading Day Program for almost two years now – and in two years I have learned so much from each of the participants, especially during this quarantine. When we had [...]

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Humor and Harmony

Humor and Harmony “We used to sing in old folks homes… and now we ARE the old folks!” Charlene said chuckling after singing a duet with her sister. You may remember my friend Charlene from a previous post. Well, this week after some technical difficulties, [...]

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Summertime Setbacks

Summertime Setbacks and Contacting Your Legislatures  We are PUMPED about our summer programming!  Disney Jam Virtual Camp? Um, sign me up! (No seriously… I may have to sign up for this…)  But as excited as we are, we’ve hit an unforeseen setback to our [...]

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Recommended Music Books

Recommended Music Books Have you been looking for quality children's books that include music? Well, look no further. We wanted to share some of our favorite music books with you! From books based on children's songs, familiar songs, and even classical pieces - you [...]

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Recommended Music Apps

Recommended Music Apps Screen time is a widely debated topic in many households when it comes to young children, however, the one thing we can all agree on is that we hope whatever screen time children do have, is filled with educational opportunities that [...]

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