Music Therapy and How It Can Help Crisis/Trauma in Children

MUSIC THERAPY and how it can help CRISIS/TRAUMA in CHILDREN What is Music Therapy? Music Therapy is the clinical and evidenced-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed MT-BC. Music therapy is a well-established allied health profession similar [...]

Music Therapy and How It Can Help Crisis/Trauma in Children2020-10-22T16:43:25-04:00

Update due to the MDHHS Order 11/15/2020

Dear Harmony Garden Families and Friends, Every decision that I have made throughout this pandemic, has been to keep families safe. To keep my staff safe. To keep our clients (some with severely compromised health) safe. We are first and foremost, a health care provider. [...]

Update due to the MDHHS Order 11/15/20202020-11-16T16:34:16-05:00

Client Spotlight: Meet Nathan

Client Spotlight: Meet Nathan “I was looking for a place that would help him utilize his gifts and promote growth in verbal communication along with his musical expressions. I was looking for a place to help him learn to understand his emotions and be able [...]

Client Spotlight: Meet Nathan2020-10-22T16:29:00-04:00

Lullaby: The Why and The What

Lullaby: The Why and The What Lullabies are incredibly important when your little ones are infants. Why? Because babies are born with the ability to differentiate between everyday speech and singing, and they actually prefer the singing! If you think about it, babies don’t yet [...]

Lullaby: The Why and The What2020-07-08T14:23:04-04:00

Defying Dementia

Defying Dementia Macayla here-- I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite parts of working at Harmony Garden is being able to work with elderly patients--particularly, in hospice. When I tell people that I am a hospice music therapist, most people say something like “aw, [...]

Defying Dementia2020-07-01T21:59:21-04:00

Seasonal Favorites: Patriotic

Seasonal Favorites: Patriotic  Happy fourth of July to all our families! Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, you name it…here are our favorite Patriotic songs and interventions to use with our groups.  Some of everyone’s favorite patriotic songs are the ones that [...]

Seasonal Favorites: Patriotic2020-07-02T16:06:53-04:00

Recommended Music Apps

Recommended Music Apps Screen time is a widely debated topic in many households when it comes to young children, however, the one thing we can all agree on is that we hope whatever screen time children do have, is filled with educational opportunities that [...]

Recommended Music Apps2021-09-02T15:18:22-04:00
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