From our Music Therapy Intern…

Hannah leading a music therapy session at the HGMTS Office.This week has taught me the power of a smile. Though I may feel insecure, underprepared, and overwhelmed inside, a smile convinces those around me that things are under control. A smile puts others at ease, and even helps me fool myself into thinking I can do this.

This may seem controversial, or as though I am taking advantage of the term “fake it till you make it”…which is true. I am at the point in the internship where my responsibilities outweigh my abilities, and I am doing a bit of faking. The frosting on the cake may be spread thin, but that’s nothing a bit of sprinkles can’t hide!

The last thing I want to do in this internship is to provide sub-par, less-than-professional treatment to clients who deserve the best. I have formed genuine relationships with each of my clients already, and I wish nothing but to see them flourish and blossom in our time together this season. I realize, however, that perfection is not realistic. Not now, and not ever. Even as a professional music therapist, someday in the near future, I will never be perfect, and I will always be learning.

In the meantime, as I learn and grow, it doesn’t hurt to provide service with a smile to convey my care and passion for each client’s treatment journey. I have found these smiles to be matched with grace and understanding. The clients, and their loved ones, are forgiving and kind, fully welcoming me and what I have to offer at this moment in my learning experience. They are willing to work with me, and be a part of my walk to becoming a professional music therapist.

I will adjust. I will adapt. I will rise to the challenge. As for now, in the midst of the challenge, I will smile. In the thick of the stress, I will smile. I will smile because I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from the best. I will smile because my worth and value do not depend on my skills or abilities. I will smile because, as long as I have genuine care for my clients, the rest will fall into place. I will smile because kindness is always a beautiful and healing thing, for those who receive it, and those who give it.

Hannah Avery is the newest face around Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services. This fall, she’s taking on the role of our first Music Therapy Intern. Stay tuned for her blog posts as she goes (and grows) through her music therapy internship.