From our Music Therapy Intern…

Ode to Week 4:

Every day this week
Brought more names and faces
Ones I’ll never forget
And in my heart, will hold special places

We’ve only met once
But I can already see
Spending five months together
Will create lifelong memories

I met each client
And each client met me
And next week we begin
One on one music therapy

I want to give them my best
I want to give them my all
Is my best enough?
Will I hit a wall?

My head is spinning
Yet it feels empty inside
Where do I begin?
What do I have to provide?

Think, think, think
There’s got to be more
I can’t have run out
I must have ideas in store

I just got started
I’ve an entire journey ahead
Sleep on it, pray on it
Maybe I just need to go to bed

I will rest with the knowledge
That I am in good hands
For Jaime and Bekah
Have only good plans

Plans to stretch me
Plans to help me grow
Plans to teach me
Things I don’t know that I don’t know

There comes a divide
In the road towards learning
Where you have to decide
Which way you’re turning

Turn to the road
That is flat as a board
To a journey without risk
And a journey without reward

Turn, instead, to the road
Marked with hills and bends
To a journey filled with challenges
And a journey that transcends

I stand at that fork
Staring down at these two
Knowing full well
Which one I must choose

Hannah Avery is the newest face around Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services. This fall, she’s taking on the role of our first Music Therapy Intern. Stay tuned for her blog posts as she goes (and grows) through her music therapy internship.