From Our Music Therapy Intern…

My husband and I spent the weekend at his parents’ house where we sat by the fire, watched Food Network, and talked for hours. From the living room window, we could see the dark grey horizon of wintery Lake Michigan, and hear the wind toss angry waves against the crumbling bluff.

Snow whirled around outside and the warmth from the fire fogged up the view of the lake. 

My husband and his twin brother celebrated their 26th birthdays recently, so we joined him, his wife, and his parents for a weekend celebration. We enjoyed a lovely dinner out as a family and laughed the evening away. We talked about the weather, nostalgic memories, recent life updates, and future dreams and goals. Among these various topics of conversation, everyone wanted to know how the internship is going, and what my plans are for future employment.

I suddenly realized that I do not have a solidified post-internship plan of action yet. This is the first season in my life where the next step is not clearly laid out, spoon fed, or predetermined for me. Granted, I have obviously had to make smaller choices and decisions along the way, but in general, I have had a relatively clear understanding of what was coming next. Thus far, I have completed preschool, which led to elementary to middle to high to college to internship to…?

I haven’t allowed my mind to spend too much energy thinking about the future yet, as I have enough tasks to keep me busy in the day-to-day as I complete this internship. It was not until these recent conversations with family, however, that I realized that perhaps I should be spending some time and energy in pursuit of my first job as a professional music therapist. The reality of the near future is starting to sink in, and I am suddenly aware of the gravity of this first step into adulthood.

This decision will not only affect myself, but also my husband, who is working to build a freelance business in video, photography, and media in southwest Michigan as he currently works full time as a media manager at Gull Lake Ministries. Although this will be one of the biggest decisions of our lives so far, my husband and I are encouraging each other not to worry during this season. As humans, we like to seek and maintain a sense of control, but in reality, we have little to none of that perceived control. Life can change in a day, and we have to be willing to accept this with content and grateful hearts. Not only that, but worrying does not benefit the decision making process in any way, shape, or form. Worrying does not boost productivity. Worrying does not enhance skills or qualities that may make me a more desirable candidate for a job position. Worrying does not give clarity as to which decision is the best to make.

And so, with this understanding, Ryan and I will proceed with discretion, excitement, and peace.

We know that life will always be unpredictable, and we are responsible to simply do our best and make the decisions we see fit for our lives. I will take the time to research job opportunities and weigh the benefits of each one in comparison to our lifestyle and circumstances, but I will not waste time worrying or stressing over the new uncertainty. 

Instead, I will enjoy my last seven weeks at Harmony Garden as their first intern, and be grateful for each and every minute I spend learning there. I will search for jobs as time permits, and I will take things day by day. I know the Lord has a perfect plan, and He will reveal it to me in His own timing!


Hannah Avery is our very first Music Therapy Intern here at Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services.

Stay tuned for her blog posts as she goes (and grows) through her music therapy internship.