Camel Ride

I know, I know – it’s the middle of winter, but our Day Program brought the warmth of the Middle East to our session this week and wow did they impress us! If you listen to the video in this blog post, close your eyes and let us know if you feel like you’re riding a camel in the sandy dunes of the desert. 

We currently have six participants in our Tuesday Day Program and they each had their own unique part in this composition written by our very own intern, Hannah Avery. In this arrangement you will hear bass bars, chimes, castanets, an ocean drum, and a gong. 

Day program is a really fun music therapy group for adults with disabilities. The Tuesday group is 3 hours long – but those hours sure move fast. For the first hour, we jam out to all types of music: play instruments, sing, dance, and more. During our second hour, we make a craft that is usually themed to the season. Lastly, we play a musical game: one of our favorites is Guess That Song and Musical Jeopardy.

I’ve been leading this group for about a year and a half now and one of the best parts of leading this group is that all abilities are celebrated and strengths are recognized. When these two things happen, participants grow, challenge each other, and succeed. 

We currently have spots open in our Monday and Tuesday Day Programs for adults with special needs. Contact us today to talk further about these programs or to schedule a visit! 

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