I have questions about the cost…

We have had recent questions about the cost of our Harmony Garden Sprouts early childhood classes. Some of these questions we get time again, so we wanted to help clarify the cost of our program. Please let me know if you have any other questions! We want to help families afford our classes!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Last session was $100, this one is $165. Why the huge jump in price?
A: Each session is a different number of weeks long. The $100 session was an 8wk course. The $165 session is a 12wk course. Fall and Spring are the longer sessions, Summer is the shortest. We did recently raise our price – to cover increased paypal fees and operating costs. We haven’t ever raised prices in 12 years. The price increase is $1.25 per class – or $15 over the 12 weeks. It’s minimal, and was a decision I struggled with making, but ultimately needed to. We are giving out $10 gift certificates if you take this short survey.

Q: Why are your prices more than your competitors prices?
A: They are minimally more, and you actually get more from us. As far as we have seen, our competitors in the area have 30min early childhood classes, our classes are 45mins long. If you do the math, our prices (before price raise) were actually the same.

Q: Can you help me make payments on the classes?
A: OF COURSE!! We set it up so people pay the entire class fee on or before the first day of class. However, we ALWAYS will work with families to pay in payments. Just let us know your need!

Q: I can’t afford it at all, what can I do to be a part of your programs?
A: Call Jaime. We don’t want someone to not receive music, that isn’t our goal. Also, if we can’t find a way for you to attend a class in our office, we do community events and work with Great Start and the Jackson District Libraries to bring programming for free around the community.

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