Looking to save $10 off your next Harmony Garden Sprouts class?

Get a $10 Harmony Garden Gift Certificate!

We are starting our first ever “Refer a Friend” program for our Harmony Garden Sprouts classes!
If your friend mentions your name when they enroll, you will get a $10 gift certificate for Harmony Garden. The families mentioning the referral must be NEW to Harmony Garden Sprouts programming. The gift certificates given out can be transferred to another family, if the family doing the referring has a child that has aged out of our program.

NOTE: This post is specifically written for our Harmony Garden Sprouts class, however, if a music therapy client or group participant refers a friend or brings someone new to a group, $10 gift certificates will be given out in these cases as well. Providing the individual has never been to Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services before.

Thank you for spreading the news about our Harmony Garden Sprouts Early Childhood Music Classes and our Music Therapy Services! We appreciate that you keep coming back and that you share your experiences with friends and family!