Seasonal Favorites: Patriotic 

Happy fourth of July to all our families! Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, you name it…here are our favorite Patriotic songs and interventions to use with our groups. 

Some of everyone’s favorite patriotic songs are the ones that they can sing along to – you know, the ones we all learn in elementary school and never forget. Here’s a version of “America the Beautiful”. 

Another crowd favorite around here is “I Love the Mountains”. It’s a song that not everyone will know by name, but most will recognize it after you start singing; specifically, the part that goes “boom-de-ah-dah, boom-de-ah-dah, boom-de-ah-dah, boom-de-ah-dah, boom.” Take a listen for yourself and see if it rings any bells!

And here’s an arrangement written by Macayla Statler, MT-BC sung by Jaime, Bekah, Kara, Macayla, and Shelby to wish you a happy holidays and God Bless America.