Maternity Leave – Which First Born Takes The Most Prep?

I have two first borns.

One is 9 years old.  The 9 year old has taken blood, sweat, and tears to grow.  She started as a thought and continues to grow into a more mature version of herself.  This child of mine still very much relies on me (she’s only 9 after all…)  She will require a full time babysitter when the baby comes – possibly more than one!  The search for the RIGHT babysitter(s) is for real!  I’m trying to prepare this 9 year old for my upcoming maternity leave, which should start in roughly 8 weeks.  The prep is intense.

My other first born is 4 years old.  He helped me grow like no other on earth!  I work to move mountains for him and he needs me 100% (truthfully, I need him 100% as well)!  This child knows all about his soon-to-be baby sister, talks to her in by belly, and already is taking steps to love her along with my husband and I.  He still has NO CLUE what is about to happen and how his life is going to change in roughly 8 weeks.  The prep for him is real!

Maybe by now, you have realized that the 9 year old is my private practice – Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services (HGMTS).  The 4 year old is my son, Aiden.

I’m a working mother who is blessed enough to LOVE her job!  I’m also loved by those around me who support my choice and help me nurture and raise my son, because Aiden is my world.  I’m blessed to bring this new baby girl home with my husband and Aiden where she will be loved and mountains will be moved for her too!

In the last week, I have found myself working SO hard to prepare HGMTS with the right person or people to cover all of the music therapy contracts that I poured myself into to create and start.  In addition, finding a way to schedule all of the individuals who see me for music therapy as well as the early childhood Harmony Garden Sprouts program.  I think about it constantly.

I’m excited to have found Marissa Kells, MT-BC, who will be filling in for me primarily for my maternity leave.  But, have quickly realized that more than one music therapist will be required to cover me!  The search continues…

I’m fortunate and excited to be able to take 4 months off this time around!  Although, I won’t be able to step away entirely, as all administrative, billing, and calls will still primarily come to me, I’m looking forward to this break to be with my family.

In the meantime, I continue to prep both of my first borns for this next – EXCITING – phase in my life!

What are your thoughts on maternity leave and music therapy private practice?  I’d love to hear from you!!