Dear Loyal Families, Friends, and Music Therapy Supporters,

Well, today is my last day of music therapy groups and sessions!  It’s such a strange feeling.  I’m SO excited to be welcoming baby girl into the world soon, but also sad to say goodbye to so many here at work!

My son was born the end of May, perfect timing!  All school contracts were wrapping for the summer and my caseload easily slid into autopilot for the music therapist who covered my leave.

My daughter will be born September 2nd…Timing is NOT so ideal.  All contracts are getting back into the swing starting the school year, HG Sprouts classes are booming, everyone is coming back from their summer break…On top of that, my son starts school himself on September 8th.  It’s GO time!

I know that I have trained and prepped my TWO music therapists well.  (I’m still in awe that I needed TWO of them to cover ONE of me…).  I’m confident that they will represent Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services as I do, picking up where I’m leaving off, and running with their guitars to provide the BEST music therapy services in Jackson!

Yet, still, I sit here nervous and anxious about walking away for FOUR months!  Ok, not really walking away…No one else will answer my phone calls, emails, texts, run social media, open mail, deposit payments, pay bills or keep general business moving forward, but still.  I’m giving up a lot of control!  Harmony Garden is my first born you know!  🙂

Just know this, as I lock the doors tonight, I will be thinking about each and every one of you who have walked through my door and helped me build this amazing music therapy business in Jackson.  I know you are ALL in GREAT hands with Marissa and Ian.

It’s time though.  For me to go get ready for and to snuggle this little bundle of PINK joy who is about to join my family!  Dave, Aiden and myself are ready!

Thanks again to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!  See you in January (if not before…)!!

Sincerely, Jaime