Day Program: End of Hannah’s Internship

Six Months Ago: Hannah Avery, our first intern, sat in on her very first Day Program. Kara Lewis, the lead music therapist, ran the session and made sure to include all of Day Program’s favorite songs so that they could “show off” for the new intern (Click here for another cool song that Day Program performed!) The room was curious but welcoming and a little nervous but excited about the prospect of making another friend.

—–Fast Forward 6 Months—–

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020: Hannah leads the group in the hello song and stays for one intervention. She is immediately asked to leave the room…day program has big plans in store for her last session as an intern. Day program then spent about 40 minutes re-writing lyrics to a familiar song. They made sure to include all the things they love about Hannah and their favorite memories of her. After all, they got to know her pretty well in those six short months. After practicing the song a few times, they made Hannah beautiful posters with words of encouragement and congratulations (shown above).

Then it was time for the party.

After performing their beautiful song for Hannah and sharing their posters with her, everyone got to eat treats brought in by Kara and Hannah, and reminisce over the past six months. Watch their performance below and don’t forget to grab a tissue in case your eyes begin to leak like ours might have!

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