Winter Snow! Songs And Music Fun!

We are located in Michigan. In Michigan, it snows in the winter. Sometimes a little, often times a lot. Because of this, it is fun to have a lineup of fun winter and snow themed songs for the cold months! Here are some of my favorites…

1. Cold Outside – BRR! – I learned this song many years ago and can not find any source for it. If you have heard it before, please let me know where to reference its’ source. Thanks!

When its cold outside, I say BRR!
When I step in a puddle, I say GRR!
When I sled down a hill, I say WEE!
When asked who loves winter, I say ME!

I use this song in a chant form with lummi sticks. I have given each “BRR, GRR, WEE, ME” part an action with the sticks that the kids do as well as singing that part.

Following the chant, we talk about emotions. Sledding makes us feel happy. Then we chant the rhythm of the song on “ba” with the emotion in our face and voice. Then we talk about what makes us feel “GRR!?” Then we chant with an angry voice/face and sing “GRR!” at the end. Kids enjoy making silly faces and acting silly. We often do sad and scared as other emotions.

2. Snowball Fun in Music TherapyCheck out this link for additional ideas and song lyric specifics! Using loofas for snowballs, we will do move and freeze songs or have a snowball fight. It’s also fun to let the kids play the snowballs on drums or to walk around the room with them balancing on different body parts. Balancing on heads, shoulders, under chins, under arms, between knees, on feet, etc. Often I make up a song on the guitar while doing these fun movements.

3. Roll a Snowball by Rachel Rambach – This song was introduced by Rachel in December. It has ASL signs for snow, ball, roll, snowman, snowball, and baseball. I introduced it to some preschool classes this month, and they are picking it up quickly and loving it! Thanks Rachel for the song!

Snow, snow, snow
Into a ball it will go
We’ll roll, roll, roll
We’ll roll a snowball

We can make a snowman, with our snow ball
He’s got a hat, some buttons too
That’s what we’ll do

We can play a baseball game, with our snowball
Nice and round, packed hard too
That’s what we’ll do

4. Winter Classical Songs with Scarves – There are many classical winter songs that can be introduced for flow and movement around the room with scarves. I like to pull out just blue and white scarves, for cold colors. Any of the following songs are a great place to start!
1. Skaters Waltz
2. Sleigh Ride
3. Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Winter
4. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 1 in G minor “Winter Dreams,” Op. 135
5. Chopin’s Etude Op.25 No.11 (‘Winter Wind’)

5. Elizabeth Schwartz – You and Me…Makes We! book has a wonderful winter song in it! The name of the song is gone from my memory as I write this, but I will update and put the correct song name in this post soon! The song is all about the clothing that children wear this time of year. Coats, scarves, gloves, boots, etc. It’s a WONDERFUL song. If you do not yet have this book, it is worth every penny!

BONUS: Another song that goes well with the above one, is “Boots” by Laurie Berkner! Kids love to imagine up different kinds of boots to wear and move around the room!

I hope you enjoy these ideas! Let me know what you think and help us add to the list!