Snowball Fun In Music Therapy

I came across a post by Macaroni Soup called “The Freeze.” I have been looking for new things to do with paper snowballs and winter songs. I run both music therapy groups and early childhood music classes where these ideas would come in handy.

Her idea of using bath loofas for snowballs is perfect!

I wanted to share a few ways that I have used the new bath loofa snowballs!

  • “The Freeze” – Just as the post by Macaroni Soup mentioned, using them for impulse control and learning start/stop is a blast! I found it best to use live guitar with a song I created, as I control the music better than starting and stopping a music track. I’ve tried both and it is fun!

E                   A                          E
I like to get into a snowball fight
E                   A                          E
It’s fun to get into a snowball fight
We throw and throw and throw and throw and throw
E                 A                         E      B7     E
Oh yeah, I like to get into a snowball fight!

  • Bounce and Call a Name – Bouncing the snowballs off a large floor drum to a friend across the room. In classes with kids (4-6yrs) I have been encouraged them to call out a peers name and then bounce the snowball to them.
  • Snowballs in a Parachute – using SOME of the snowballs – put them in a parachute and have fun bouncing and tossing them around.  This also works well with paper snowballs. I just wad up white scrap paper and do the same thing. They go farther!
  • Free Throw – Using the following chant, I let the kids sit in a circle around the drum moving the snowball as the chant says. At the end, everyone throws the snowballs onto the drum at the same time. Then when the leader holds a snowball above their head, all the other kids have to get one and do the same thing. This resets the song!

Way up high and way down low
Side to side the snowflakes blow
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
Show me how you make it snow!
1 – 2 – 3 – THROW!

  • Keep ’em Bouncing – Using sound shapes or paddle drums, bouncing the snowball on the drum to a friend or to your self. Seeing how long you can do it before it drops to the floor. Put on some good rhythmic tracks to keep the beat in your mind for playing.

If you have other ideas, please share them! Don’t forget to use scrap paper snowballs too! They are fun as well!