Summertime Favorites: Early Childhood Edition

Summer – a time when school is out and kids are out to play. Summer has some of my favorite early childhood songs: maybe because we get to sing about the beach, the sun, and just playing outdoors.

One of our office’s favorite summer songs is written by Rebekah Moilanen, MT-BC. This song, Little Crab, takes you on imaginative adventure pretending to dance like…you guessed it! A little crab. 

Who doesn’t like ice cream in the summer? My favorite memories as a child was always going to the park to get ice cream and play on the playground. Here’s a mashup of two ice cream songs “I like to Lick the Ice Cream” by Elizabeth Schwartz, MT-BC and “This is My Ice Cream” by Masina Rose, MT-BC. In this song, you will practice the ASL signs for ice cream, no, yes, and many more animals!

If you’re looking for a great scarf song about playing outside in the summer breeze, Kara Lewis, MT-BC, wrote one that you can use:

And to share one last song with all of you, I have to end with a camp favorite. I have memories singing this song at summer camp with all my camp leaders and friends, and laughing because of how silly it. It’s an echo song, and you’ll certainly have fun singing this song.