From our Music Therapy Intern…

Dear Hannah from one week ago,

If I remember correctly, you are currently picking out your outfit for the first day of the Harmony Garden Internship. Second guessing your jewelry, and trying on everything in your closet. Packing your lunch the night before, making sure you have a well-balanced meal that will give you the energy you need to have a successful first day. Setting your alarm clock, giving yourself plenty of wiggle room for the morning commute. Rereading all the emails and re-listening to the voicemail confirmation. You are eager to get started, but you are fearful you may not be good enough.

You are second guessing your skills and abilities. You wonder if you retained any college education material over the long and music therapy-less summer. You worry that the women at HGMTS will catch on and find out that you’re no good.

If I, present Hannah, have learned one thing this week, it is that you have nothing to worry about. Yes, you will be challenged. Yes, you will be stretched. Yes, you will be forced out of your comfort zone. All of this, however, will be done in love, compassion, and guidance.

You will be working with five wonderful women who have your best interest in mind. They are there to support you, encourage you, and answer all of your questions. They have been preparing a place for you, and they are dedicated to your learning and growth. They do not expect perfection from you yet, and they want to see you succeed. They are on your team!

You will have opportunities to watch, firsthand, how they work and how they serve. They have genuine love for all of their clients, and for you! All you need to do is trust them. Trust the process that they have set before you. Take each day not as a “check mark” on a long list of internship days, but as an opportunity to learn from those who inspire you most.

You are in good hands. Enjoy!

Hannah Avery is the newest face around Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services. This fall, she’s taking on the role of becoming our first Music Therapy Intern. Stay tuned for her future blog posts as she goes through her music therapy internship.