Harmony Garden Sprouts Early Childhood Music Class Testimonials

“My son has participated in Harmony Garden Music Therapy’s Sprouts classes since he was six months old. He started off very reserved, and has blossomed into a gregarious little boy with a strong musical inclination, singing songs wherever we go. Now I have a six month old daughter who is enrolled as well! I can’t say enough great things about the Sprouts program. Join us!”
– Emily, mommy of 2

“I started taking my son to music classes at Harmony Garden when he was 6 months old. I loved watching him interact with the other babes, following cues from Jaime and playing the instruments! It was a great time for me to get to meet and socialize with other moms as well. I’m thankful I had this activity to enjoy with my baby and will always treasure the memories. Harmony Garden is a great mommy and me class!”
– Julie, mommy of 1

“Harmony Garden is the best place for our kids to socialize with others their age and a great place for moms to socialize as well! The music therapists are amazing and always have a different plan for each class that keeps us coming back for more!”
– Elizabeth, mommy of twins

“We have been going to Harmony Garden for close to 4 years. I love watching my children express themselves in a caring, safe environment. Music has helped my son gain confidence around children his age and it is an outlet for my daughter to express her creatively through song. We love Harmony Garden and there is no other place I would recommend more!”

– Accalia, mommy of 3

“I love music because it’s fun to play instruments and learn new songs. And, I get to sing them at home. Miss Jaime is wonderful!”
-Laila, 7yrs old

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