Why Masks?

A few months ago, it was a rare sight to see other people wearing masks in public. You only really saw masks in doctors offices, the hospital, and maybe at the dentist. So why is it so important for anyone who can wear a mask, to wear one? 

Doctors still don’t know a lot about COVID-19, but what they do know is that masks stop our germs from spreading to others. Some people can be carriers of COVID-19 and not even know it! So to keep our friends and family safe, it is important to wear a mask. 

Now, not all people are able to do this. Some people have trouble breathing, their doctors think masks might endanger them, and some kids are too young. It’s for this reason that it’s even MORE important for the rest of us to wear masks. These other people are going to be much more susceptible to getting sick, so to keep them safe, the rest of us should wear masks. 

Some people might find masks scary because it blocks our facial expressions from being seen. Here’s a great song called “Can You Guess Who’s Wearing a Mask?” written by Lee Morris, MT-BC that addresses that there’s nothing to worry about under the mask because we are still the same people even though you might not be able to see our face. 

If you’re looking for a song that helps teach individuals how to put on a mask, Hannah Moon, MT-BC wrote a great catchy song stating “Wearing a mask keeps me healthy. Wearing a mask is ok.” Here is “How to Wear a Mask”.