Harmony Garden is RESUMING our in-person Sprouts Early Childhood Music Classes!

Parents have been asking about our early childhood music classes, hoping for some return to “normal” as we all like to say. Until this point, we have been focusing on the need for 1:1 individual , in-person music therapy. Many of our early childhood families may not even realize all the clients we see in a week! Many have major medical needs and we have wanted to respect and figure that out first.

Well, we have hit a point where we are ready to REALLY bring back our Early Childhood Programs. Our space is ready. Our minds are ready. And, by the time these classes start, our bodies will be ready too! Our staff will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which brings a little sigh of relief to us.

All of that said, we miss your children. We miss the littlest of voices and music makers!

We know this will not be a program that everyone wants to join, and we respect that. We do want to be here for the families who are ready. We do have ONE REQUIREMENT, we are a mask wearing facility. The only exceptions for this are children under the age of 4yrs old and our special needs clientele who are unable to wear their masks due to their areas of need.

If you are unable to wear a mask or do not want to wear a mask, we ask that you do not sign up for our classes at this time. Think of us as Disney World… A place FULL of fun, where masks are required 100% of the time when you are participating in our classes and in our building. If Disney can do it, so can we!

So, if you are ready…

Our enrollment is open for a 4 week Winter Class in March and a 6 week Spring Class that starts in April. These are all indoor classes. We will be offering outside Sprouts classes in June!

I can’t wait to make music with you again soon!

Sincerely, Jaime