Summer Plans? Why You Should Enroll in Summer Sprouts

Summer 2020… It’s likely going to be as memorable as the last few months, because there is little to do. Events are still cancelled. The fair is cancelled. Concerts are cancelled. Festivals are cancelled. Camps are cancelled, smaller, or virtual. Many will still stay home, because things are so unknown. It’s going to be a summer to remember, but not in the fun way that we usually think of when we hear those words.

I do have to say though, my family is looking forward to our one week vacation at the end of June. This year, we are returning to Door County, WI. We found this cute little rental house a few years ago on the big lake with shallow water and lots of yard to run and play. Are we going to explore the towns? Not sure… Are we going to eat out at restaurants? Not sure… Are we going to enjoy getting away and doing something different? Oh my goodness, YES! 

What is YOUR family looking forward to this summer?

As much as it is honestly painful for me to promote and push our virtual classes right now, when I personally feel too plugged in most days, I’m going to take a minute to tell you WHY you should join our livestream Sprouts this summer. You likely are also tired of being plugged in. Tired of Zoom, GoogleMeet, email, and all other digital media.

Here is the #1 reason you should sign up for our Harmony Garden Sprouts classes this summer. You will be personally helping to ensure that Harmony Garden makes it to the other side of this. We still can’t access even 75% of the billable services we had before this pandemic. We do not have donors. We don’t have a store to sell items in. We only have our virtual, livestream, and telehealth programs. It’s literally the only thing keeping us going. 

I feel like I’m begging sometimes, emailing and posting about the same thing all the time. But, honestly, I’m just fighting for Harmony Garden. Fighting to pay my employees. Fighting to pay rent. Fighting to keep chugging so that when we can get back into our facilities, we will be stronger. 

THAT is why you should enroll in our Summer Sprouts session. In return, we PROMISE to give your child and family our undivided attention for music two times a week for 45 minutes. We will smile, make music, make memories, promote kindness, encourage socialization through a screen, and be there for your child.

We are offering a 6wk summer Sprouts session. This program is entirely livestream/virtual. You can join as a household for one cost and will have access to two classes each week.