Summer Camps 2020

I’m personally going to mourn our usual “Summer Camps” for a long time. Summer Camps 2020 have to be different, making that the beloved “camp feel” very difficult to achieve. 

At first I took it a little personal, the fact that I had to change my camps. I had to remind myself that this isn’t an attack on Harmony Garden’s music therapy camps… 

Camps across Jackson are going to be different. Camps across the entire state of Michigan, are going to be different. Camps across the United States are going to be different. And to top it off, camps across the entire WORLD, are going to be different. 

Now, I have made it my personal mission to make sure that the Virtual Camps that we are offering will bring as much “camp feel” to our campers as we possibly can, through a screen! 

Each camper enrolled in our camps will receive a “Camp Fun Kit.” These kits will include a few instruments to keep, some additional activity ideas and other fun things to do that are associated with our camps. We hope these additional materials will enhance your experience and give our campers a well rounded experience! 

Here are the camps we have created for YOU:

  1. Disney Jam Virtual Camp
  2. Build Your Own Band Virtual Camp
  3. Sing and Sign for Speech Virtual Camp
  4. Indoor Outdoor Virtual Adventure Camp
  5. Virtual Family Camp for Adoptees
  6. Day Program Virtual Camp for Teens and Adults with Special Needs
  7. New Song Music Therapy Camp

I sure will miss seeing all of our campers smiling faces in our office this summer, but I’m so excited to have the opportunity to see their smiling faces in this new creative way! I know we will have fun, and make forever memories, with these unique online music camps!