Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services has been utilizing telehealth to serve populations including early childhood, gereatric/hospice, adults with special needs, and now group homes and facilities

Through the use of telehealth, group homes/facilities may schedule virtual sessions with our music therapists or purchase pre-recorded sessions made just for you! 

Music therapy in a group setting encourages socialization between peers, positive affect, and increased quality of life. Music therapists are trained to use music to create non-threatening opportunities for creative self-expression, allowing clients to thrive in an encouraging and accepting environment. We now are able to do this safely through a screen for you!

Music therapy brings light and energy into any situation, and is especially valuable during times like these. As COVID-19 leads people to isolation, hopelessness, and fear, music therapy brings people together, creates joy and laughter, and reminds us that there is always a reason to make music.

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