Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services presents…

Milestones through Music: Songs for Socialization and Stimulation

A class focused on providing your little one a safe space to explore new sounds, faces, and experiences. 

We are currently enrolling for our Summer Session I & II! This is an infant-centered class, so older siblings are not allowed to join this group. If you are looking for a class that all your children may attend, our Sprouts programming is our early childhood class for ages birth-4 years. If you would like to enroll in those classes instead, you can visit the page here.

Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services is pleased to offer Milestones through Music, a music class that is much needed after a year of social isolation. This class is focused on providing opportunities for infants to bond with caregivers and meet other infants while gradually being introduced to live music. Sounds outside the home are new, exciting, and sometimes overstimulating to babies so this music class is a great place to safely expose your baby to new sights and sounds.

This class is also focused on providing opportunities to achieve other developmental milestones such as tracking, developing grasp, cause and effect, tummy time, and bonding. We support and guide parents and caregivers through using music as a tool for infant development. These classes are led by Kara Lewis, board certified music therapist.

Come to class ready to play instruments, sing, and interact with your little one in an infant-focused music class.

We change and adapt the music materials weekly so that this class will constantly teach you new songs and ways to bond/interact with your baby.

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