Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services is committed to music and growing families.

Your child can hear as early as your 18th week of pregnancy. Sounds and words are muffled in the womb, but melody can be clear.

We provide music therapy services to pregnant, expectant, and new parents.

Heartbeat Lullabies

A recording of baby’s or mother’s heartbeat set to music of your choice. The heartbeat lullaby can act as a keepsake or as a comforting recording for you to use after your little one arrives.


Love and Learn Lullabies

 A class for pregnant, expectant, and new parents. We support you in using your voice as a tool, which is very powerful in helping you connect, calm, and bond with your baby. This weekly group will teach lullabies that you probably forgot you knew.


“The earth has music for those who listen.”

George Santayana

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