New Song Music Therapy Camp
July 26, 27 & 28, 2018

New Song Music Therapy Camp is a place where people of all ages and ability levels meet and integrate, create music, make friends, find confidence and learn new skills. A day camp from 9:30-3:00pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Created for individuals with special needs and their siblings, New Song provides opportunities for families to connect with one another, allows siblings of individuals with special needs the opportunity to find friends who understand their life and home experiences and brings Jackson County together to share the talents, abilities and gifts that individuals with special needs bring to our community.

In addition to serving individuals with special needs of all ages, New Song utilizes a host of volunteers and Buddy-Ups (young volunteers) who have the opportunity to learn about people who they may not always come into contact with. They gain understanding and make friendships and some young volunteers even end up choosing career paths in the special needs arena due to their Music Therapy Camp experiences and involvement.



Camp is geared toward all ages and all ability special needs participants and their siblings. Professional music therapists and nursing staff will provide exceptional music-making experiences and are qualified to take care of your loved ones and provide therapeutic treatment. No one is turned away because of their care needs and our staff are prepared to administer medication, tube feed, diaper change and anything else that enables your loved one to become a camper!


As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet some amazing campers, make music (no pressure!) in a safe and fun environment, give your time in a way that shows that you care for families with special needs in our community and more! Volunteer duties may include helping campers move from class to class, helping to hold and pass out instruments, taking walks around the campus with campers who may need a “sound” break, helping pass out lunches, and other fun activities. Volunteers are never asked to do any kind of medical care or restroom assistance (other than walking a camper to the restroom). As a volunteer, you will make friends, learn a lot about the beauty of the human spirit and come away surprised by how much you learn from our campers. Come join us! 


As a Buddy-Up, you have the opportunity to meet some amazing campers, make music and new friends, learn how to play instruments and more! Buddy-Up duties may include helping campers move from class to class, helping to hold and pass out instruments, being a role model by showing campers how to play instruments and behave in a group setting, having a one-on-one camper friend to help in your group, eating lunch with campers and other fun activities. As a Buddy-Up, you will make friends, learn a lot about how much people with and without special needs are alike and end your week excited to come back and volunteer next year. You also get to attend camp for free!


Fun! Making music is a great time! Be on the lookout for classes such as “Rock and Roll Combo,” “Silly Sing-Along,”, “Percussion,” “My Chance To Dance,” ” Improvisation” and more! Music Therapy can be used to improve skills in cognition, speech and language, mobility, memory and more! We would love for you to join us!


This camp was put together in 2017 for the first time. Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services has partnered with Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County so we could provide this wonderful opportunity in Jackson, MI. The New Song Music Therapy Camp is modeled after the successful Eric ‘RicStar’ Winter Music Therapy Camp in E. Lansing, MI. Jaime helped to start and run RicStar’s camp when it started over 15 years ago.