From the Desk of Danielle Allore-Taylor… Pt 1

What a year this has been! For those of you who do not know me, I am the office assistant for Harmony Garden Music Therapy. If you’re wondering why you may not have seen me very much, it’s because this year has been quite the whirlwind!

At the beginning of 2020, I interviewed with Harmony Garden Music Therapy and was overjoyed with being hired and joining the team! I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to work alongside hard working women with a passion for music and helping others!

For two weeks I trained in the office and got to know everyone. I loved the atmosphere, the fun relationships between music therapist and clients, and the life that music brought to the building.  Just as soon as I started to really feel like I was acclimated to HGMTS, the lockdown occurred. I was devastated, seeing my boss and my coworkers suddenly going from everything they knew and loved to quite literally changing the entire way they do their job. I knew that adjustments would have to be made in order to save Harmony Garden, and so during that time I stayed home instead of coming back into work. I sincerely hoped they someday would be able to call me back in, and finally that day happened! Once restrictions were lifted, I was allowed to come back to work and learn everything all over again! It was difficult at times, but seeing Jaime and Kara light up at work (us being able to be together again) made it all worth it. Life was coming back into HGMTS! Slowly but surely, I was once again able to balance this new normal.

And then my gallbladder decided it no longer wanted to cooperate with me. I was so frustrated by the fact I was just able to get back into the office, and now here I am having emergency gallbladder removal surgery. The recovery restricted my ability to come back to work for a while, as well as keep me from doing certain jobs while I was in the office. I was thankful that HGMTS was so supportive in my recovery and allowing me to heal.

It’s been two months since that surgery, and I can now say that things are looking up. I am still learning new things every day at HGMTS, I am thankful to be around passionate people who love their jobs. A lot has happened this year to each and every one of us – and it causes us to really look at what matters the most to us, and how thankful we are for what we have.

For me, I am thankful for my health, family, job, and the opportunities that 2021 will bring. I pray that all who read this stay safe, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year, and know that no matter what happens in this life – change in us cannot happen unless our world changes.  -Danielle