Ukulele Class is an IN-PERSON music course run by a board-certified music therapist who uses music to help work on non-musical areas in socialization, communication, and behavior management.  It’s an inclusive group for participants ages 7-12 of all ability levels.  In this class, participants will learn how to play chords, read chord charts, tune their ukulele, and all the different parts of their instrument. Students will be expected to provide their own ukulele for this course. You may contact Kara at for ukulele recommendations if needed.

As of April 1st, 2022, Harmony Garden has updated our masking policies. Click here to see the full statement and policy.

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19, Harmony Garden reserves the right to switch all in-person sessions/classes to telehealth at any point. Refunds will be issued if this is needed.

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Ukulele Class

Beginner Ukulele Class is a class for students who are new or are still learning basic chords and strum patterns. This class continually changes the songs learned and games played so that students do not repeat things from semester to semester. We encourage our ukulele students to remain in the beginner class until they are able to play a 4-chord songs with a strum pattern easily.


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