Harmony Gardeners – Community Healing Project

The Harmony Gardeners is a Community Healing Project that reconnects people to their inner selves, to one another, and to the Jackson community through music, arts, and self-expression. The Harmony Gardeners hope to highlight the inherent beauty in our differences and what makes us unique; providing an avenue for individuals in our community to have a voice of growth and creation. We strive to decrease anxiety and stress (especially for families, children, teens, parents) from the isolation and division collectively experienced in the last three years.

What to EXPECT from the Harmony Gardners:

  • Continued and expanded community concerts and events
  • New collaborative original music by Victor and Jaime
  • Publications of our songs into books
  • Additional take home resources for families to access music in innovative ways at home
  • Access to other creative programming and offerings in the Jackson community
  • Expanding our EcoSphere Scholarship reach for residents in Jackson
  • Opportunities to learn about and connect with other organizations in the Jackson community who utilize music and creative movement for personal growth

The VISION and HEART behind the Harmony Gardeners:

This collaborative initiative was born out of the pandemic as family-friendly and kid-centered concerts – but this project is so much more than that. It represents a significant step forward in our commitment to the Jackson community. For years, we’ve contemplated the concept of ‘community music therapy,’ seeking ways to transform our pivot project, the Harmony Gardeners, into something sustainable, equitable, and accessible for everyone in our vibrant Jackson community. Our aim is to create a space that fosters healing, growth, and connection through music and the arts.

This Community Healing Project serves as the foundation for all our music and arts programs within the community. It’s a place where creativity and expression intertwine, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to explore the transformative power of music and the arts. We believe that the arts have the potential to unite, heal, and inspire, especially in times of change and uncertainty.

Designed to make us reflect on how life has collectively evolved over the last three years, the Community Healing Project invites us to embrace change, find solace in creative expression, and seek connection in a world that has undergone profound shifts. It’s a testament to our dedication in nurturing the well-being and cultural vibrancy of our beloved Jackson community. Join us on this journey of healing, growth, and shared creativity, where the Harmony Gardeners serve as a cornerstone in our mission to make the world a more harmonious place through the power of music and art.

How to FOLLOW the Harmony Gardners:

Join the Harmony Gardeners mailing list by emailing Jaime.

We will be focusing on one area each month sharing programs that align with that area or population: music and children, music and hospice, music and anxiety, etc). In addition, we have a musical project in the works with:

  • Access to original songs for families and children
  • Books that are to be paired with the songs
  • Concert notifications and upcoming event invitations
  • Invitations to future wellness events for parents, families, or everyone
  • Community program collaborations

We are positive that by following our project, your own inner music-child will find fulfillment and new ways to grow with music.

How to SUPPORT the Harmony Gardeners:

You can also follow and contribute to our Patreon. The Patreon funds will help offset the costs accrued with the physical products we will be putting out as well as help us with funding a portion of our EcoSphere scholarship fund for families to be able to access Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services early childhood music classes, music therapy, groups and more.


WHO are the Harmony Gardeners – About Jaime and Victor:

Jaime and Victor have been performing actively as musicians in Jackson since the time they were introduced to music as children. Jaime sang in church choir at the First United Methodist Church from kindegarten through her senior year of high school. She started playing flute and piccolo while a student in the Jackson Public Schools system. She continued on to attend Michigan State University where she got her bachelors degree in Music Therapy from the MSU College of Music. Victor was gifted music authentically in the home growing up. His mom and step dad (also musicians) allowed him the space, instruments, and music immersion experience he needed as a youth who enjoyed challenging the system and used music as a complete form of expression. Vic started the Jacktown Hustlers with a group of friends as a teen and that project is currently evolving again into something new, after 25 years of collaboration with local musicians from all across this community. A new project is being planned as Vic finds himself heading “Back to the Basement” to prepare his next musical endeavor.

Jaime and Vic met in 2006, the same year that Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services, LLC was opened. Their journey together as musicians started with late night gigs at the Crazy Cowboy and Veaches’ Office Bar. They performed in the McDermott Jazz Ensemble and were paid performers at the Bon Ton Room. There is also a high possibility you have seen them together playing to dinner crowds at local joins or co-directing cabarets at Sandhill Crane Vineyard with our local community theatre company Center Stage Jackson. Music can be anything and these two musicians epitomize that concept.

On a personal note – Jaime is a mom to three children and Victor is the dad to four. Collectively we have newborns, toddlers, school age, middle school, and grown adult children. If you ask me, I think it gives us additional clout to speak on how our communities children need support, authenticity, honesty, and tools to help them navigate this ever changing and unpredictable world. We have experienced and seen first hand what music and the arts can do for developing children – ask us to share about our kids – we love to talk about them! We can’t wait to continue to approach this project as experienced parents, versatile musicians, and wildly creative minds who love this community.

What Events do the Harmony Gardeners Do?

  • Community events: The Harmony Gardeners perform in Jackson, MI for family friendly community events. One of the most recent events you might have seen the Harmony Gardeners at was the Jackson Bright Walls 2022!
  • Summer concert series: Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services is the business that began the Harmony Gardeners. Every summer, the Harmony Gardeners can be found running a monthly summer concert series at Cascades Park in the band shell. These concerts are family friendly and include music that will interest people of all ages – there’s some Disney, early childhood, and current music. 
  • Outreach concerts: The Harmony Gardeners are hoping to begin performing special outreach concerts that will reach communities and families that might otherwise not have easy access to free early childhood and family friendly music. These concerts may also include an element of donations to help raise money for Harmony Garden’s ECOsphere Scholarship. 
  • Private events: Did you know that you could hire the Harmony Gardeners for private events? This is your opportunity to get great family friendly and early childhood music for any of your private events! Contact jaime@hgmusictherapy.com for more information and pricing. 

Want to Hire the Harmony Gardeners?

Contact Jaime Lawrence at jaime@hgmusictherapy.com for pricing and details!