Harmony Garden Rocks
#JacksonCoRocks #JaxonRocks

How many of you have heard about #JacksonCoRocks or #JaxonRocks this summer?

Well, we decided to get in on the action! My daughter and I decorated 10 Harmony Garden Rocks to hide around Jackson! My son and daughter both helped in the hiding of the rocks. It was a fun family activity, kudos to whoever decided to start this in Jackson this summer!

So, we have hidden 10 brightly colored rocks with music notes and the Harmony Garden logo on the bottom. Each rock, if posted on social media and returned to Jaime, Jennifer or Masina at Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services, is worth $10! Trade in a rock for a gift card. The gift card can be used on an upcoming HG Sprouts class, to drop in on a class, as a gift to someone who is interested in joining one of our classes, or on music therapy! We hope to see some of our rocks again!