Harmony Garden is Keeping Our Families Safe

With Fall approaching and the possibility of a few small in-person groups being held at the office, Harmony Garden wanted to share the steps we are taking to protect all of our families. These policies include changes to pick-up/drop-off, rules for attending sessions, and how the sessions themselves may look different.

For Pick-Up/Drop-Off

  1. For pick-up and drop-off, we are asking parents and guardians of adult participants who are able to enter the office independently to remain in their cars in the parking lot. If you are picking up/dropping off a participant who may need extra help or a minor, you may walk your loved one to the door to complete the COVID-19 screening with them and then return to your car. At the end of the session, you may wait outside the door to pick up your loved one or wait in your car for them to come out. We are utilizing the waiting area for the sessions and will not have anywhere for parents to wait for their participants during sessions.
  2. Harmony Garden is closed to anyone who is not a participant or their support person. No other family members or personnel may enter the building before, during, or after the session.

Requirements to Attend In-Person Sessions:

  1. If a participant is experiencing ANY symptoms (i.e., runny nose, coughing, fever, etc.) they MUST stay home. For any classes (i.e. ukulele class), we will catch your child up the following week or you may reach out to the teacher and see if there are any materials that they can e-mail you for the week.
  2. Anyone who has traveled significantly (i.e. flown in a plane, traveled to a state with high COVID cases [i.e., “hot spots”], etc. are required to refrain from attending sessions in-person for a minimum of 14 days for the safety of others).

New Rules and Policies

  1. Participants attending the group will ALL be subject to a COVID-19 screening at the door each week involving filling out a quick questionnaire, getting their temperature checked, and either washing their hands or using hand sanitizer. For temperature checks, we utilize a non-touch infrared thermometer and the COVID-19 screening includes questions on whether participants have experienced any symptoms, traveled within the last 14 days, or had contact with others who have had COVID-19.
  2. All participants who are capable must wear a mask for the duration of the session. If a break is needed from the mask, a small area away from other participants will be available for individual use.
  3. Therapists will always be adhering to social distancing and wearing a mask when in the presence of clients. In certain situations, therapists may also wear a face shield for added protection.
  4. As much as we miss seeing everyone, clients are asked to maintain social distancing etiquette (i.e., we will not be hugging, high-fiving, or giving elbow bumps).
  5. All groups will be occurring in the waiting area as there is more room to spread out.
  6. Harmony Garden is enforcing social distancing. The floor will be marked off by tape to ensure that all seating is arranged 6 feet apart.
  7. For all in-person groups, Harmony Garden reserves the right to switch these groups to telehealth or an online format AT ANY TIME to maintain safety for all participants. In these circumstances, Harmony Garden will be unable to issue refunds.
  8. Although we have always disinfected after every individual and group, we have ensured that our cleaning policy meets CDC guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. All instruments, surfaces, chairs, etc. are fully disinfected between all sessions. Harmony Garden has scheduled all sessions to include ample cleaning time between each group.
  9. Harmony Garden is maintaining small group sizes (maximum 7 participants) for all groups and any large-scale event is held outdoors where families may be appropriately socially distant.
  10. Harmony Garden is also maintaining minimal groups that meet in-person to minimize the number of clients who enter our building weekly.