Harmony Garden is Keeping Our Contracts Safe

With Fall approaching and some of our contracts welcoming us back in-person again, Harmony Garden wanted to share the steps we are taking to protect all of our pre-schools, day cares, facilities, and locations/contracts. These policies include changes to instruments we bring, mask/shield policies, how we clean our instruments, and how the sessions themselves may look different.

Requirements for our Employees:

  1. Harmony Garden is recording daily temperature checks of all our employees. Any symptoms or signs of fever and that employee is to remain at home.
  2. Anyone who has traveled significantly (i.e. flown in a plane, traveled to a state with high COVID cases [i.e., “hot spots”], etc. are required to refrain from attending sessions in-person for a minimum of 14 days for the safety of others.
  3. All employees must wear a mask at minimum when at any contract location and are provided with a face shield and gloves as optional personal protective equipment (PPE) for either the employee’s comfort or to be in compliance with contract location policies.
  4. Employees must wash their hands or utilize an approved hand sanitizer that meets OSHA blood-borne pathogens standards before and after each group that is held.

New Rules on Instruments/Sanitation

  1. Although we have always disinfected after every individual and group, we have ensured that our cleaning policy meets CDC guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. All instruments brought to each session are disinfected with Virex TB (a disinfectant that meets OSHA blood-borne pathogens standards). Harmony Garden has scheduled all sessions to include ample cleaning time between each group.
  2. At this time, therapists will only be bringing instruments that are easy to disinfect and can be wiped down completely.
  3. Any cloth items or materials are one-time use only and are then sealed in an appropriate bag and fully washed afterwards.

New Rules and Policies for Contract Locations

  1. Harmony Garden is not responsible for screening music therapy participants at our contract locations. Harmony Garden assumes that all contract locations are screening their own clients and that any client exhibiting unknown symptoms or a fever will be held back from participating in music therapy for the safety of the group.
  2. If a client contracts COVID-19 at one of our locations, that location must notify Harmony Garden within 24 hours so that any employee exposed may self-quarantine to limit community exposure.
  3. If an employee at Harmony Garden contracts COVID-19, Harmony Garden will notify all contracts and clients that employee might have come in contact with within 24 hours.
  4. All participants who are capable must wear a mask for the duration of the session dependent on the contract locations masking policies.
  5. Therapists will always be adhering to social distancing and wearing a mask when in the presence of clients. In certain situations, therapists may also wear a face shield for added protection.
  6. As much as we miss seeing everyone, clients are asked to maintain social distancing etiquette (i.e., we will not be hugging, high-fiving, or giving elbow bumps).
  7. All groups will be occurring in a pre-determined location where social distancing is possible (i.e., a large room, outdoors, etc.)
  8. For all in-person groups, Harmony Garden and our contract locations reserve the right to switch these groups to telehealth or an online format AT ANY TIME to maintain safety for all participants. In these circumstances, Harmony Garden will be unable to issue refunds.