The Harmony Garden
Equitable Client Opportunities (ECO)

In 2021, Harmony Garden wrote its Diversity and Inclusion statement. It was important to us that our actions match up with our words, so we created the Harmony Garden Equitable Client Opportunities Initiative. 

Our Equitable Client Opportunities initiative was started to provide music therapy services to individuals of all ages and backgrounds who may not otherwise have the means to afford these necessary services. This initiative has many facets:

Equitable Client Opportunity Initiative:

  • Music Therapy Scholarships: Our goal with this initiative is to provide music therapy services at a reduced or free rate for individuals who truly benefit from our services. These may be individual music therapy sessions or group sessions dependent on what is most beneficial for the client. (Tentative: no implementation date)

Ways to Support this Initiative:

  • Asking for donations from our current early childhood families and gifting an instrument bundle to show our appreciation: the money raised through these bundles will be used to support local families in the Jackson community so that early childhood music opportunities are more accessible to everyone. (Implemented: August 9, 2021)
  • Family Donation Events: To continue raising money towards this initiative, Harmony Garden will be hosting family-friendly events on a monthly basis. These events will be out in the community and will be fun for the whole family. To attend these, we just ask for a donation at the door and all money raised will go towards the Early Childhood Outreach Initiative. (Tentatively: October 2021)
  • Asking for donations from community businesses: Harmony Garden will be reaching out to businesses in the community asking if they want to be a sponsor for our early childhood outreach initiative. Businesses will have the opportunity to get their logo and name on all our materials as a way of advertising dependent on donation level. (Tentatively: Fall 2021)