The Harmony Garden ECOsphere and Why We Started It

Early childhood opportunities and music therapy services truly benefit all: from birth through hospice, it is important that quality services are made accessible to ALL. At Harmony Garden, we acknowledge that many families, individuals, and facilities are unable to access our services due to financial reasons. In 2021, Harmony Garden wrote its Diversity and Inclusion statement. It was important to us that our actions match up with our words, so we created the Harmony Garden ECOsphere. 

The ECOsphere is an outreach initiative that has two branches: early childhood outreach and equitable client opportunities (both of which can be abbreviated to E.C.O!) Our early childhood outreach initiative was started to provide early childhood music to families who may not otherwise have the means to afford or attend one of our Harmony Garden Sprouts classes. Our equitable client opportunities initiative was created to provide opportunities to individuals who are unable to access our music therapy services due to financial reasons. Through the equitable client opportunities initiative, we hope to be able to provide reduced fee or free music therapy services for those who truly benefit from music therapy and are unable to afford our full price services.