Adult Drop-In is Taking a Summer Break

Big and exciting things are just around the corner for Harmony Garden and all of you who support us and make us a part of your week! Although we are very excited about all of these changes, we’ve just discovered the one and only down side to all of our preparations. We’re sorry to say it, but need to share that our Monthly Adult Drop-In group will be taking a break for the summer. We know! We’re sad too! We are working our best to provide a LOT of new music opportunities for our community this summer through camps, regular sessions, early childhood opportunities, and even the hiring of more staff to accommodate all of these great experiences! With our Monthly Drop-In group experiencing low attendance, and knowing that many people travel during the summer, we want to encourage our faithful Drop-In participants to click here to check out all of the camps available to you beginning in July. We know you’ll find one you will love! Thank you for always supporting us during our Drop-In groups, and we look forward to seeing you in one or more of our fun, new music experiences this summer!